Plan b 4 Sales Capabilities

Some 12 years ago I was sitting on a United flight from Newark to San Fran with a good friend of mine, and over six hours, I laid out a business plan that I’m sure will make a lot of money for all those who participate. My role at Plan B 4 Sales is:

to source hot, disruptive technologies and innovative service offerings for my sales peole to sell.

We’re about 85% there (we keep finding new products and services and improving the offer) and I’m thrilled with the progress. Look at our Partners ad Products sections and you’ll see why.

For the VP of Sales for an emerging sales organization

  • We can help fill your pipe with introductions to buyers
  • We can help you define a comprehensive and manageable sales process
  • We can fill gaps in geographic or vertical coverage
  • We can provide technology to make your sales people more productive
  • We can train SE’s Sales and Inside reps to be more productive

For the CEO of a technology start up:

  • We can help you find your best prospects
  • We can get conversations started with buyers in the next two weeks
  • We can swap your fixed costs for building a sales team for performance based costs
  • We can help you prepare for Angels, VCs and board meetings
  • We can teach you how to sell more effectively or we can do the selling for you